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Has a cosmetic dental flaw caused you to avoid smiling in photos? Do you often hide your teeth when spending time with others? If so, you may benefit from our affordable porcelain veneers in Suwanee. Provided by dentists, these appliances can improve the appearance of misshapen, discolored, or gapped teeth.

Is a Porcelain Veneer a Strong Dental Device?

Fabricated using durable porcelain, a veneer is a fully customized cosmetic dental appliance that can correct a variety of aesthetic dental problems. Some of the conditions that can be improved by veneers porcelain include minor misalignment, discoloration caused by smoking or beverages, and gapped teeth. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, give us a call to find out whether a veneer is right for you.

What Should I Expect for the Porcelain Veneers Cost?

Every candidate for veneers faces different cosmetic challenges, so the porcelain veneers cost varies from person to person. The cost is determined by your insurance plan’s coverage, how many teeth are treated, and the type of veneers selected. Many insurance plans do not offer coverage for cosmetic procedures, but affordable veneers may be possible through flexible financing. Please call us if you have questions about veneers pricing, insurance, or payment.

What is the Difference Between Crowns and Veneers?

Porcelain crowns and veneers can both be used to improve cosmetic dental problems, but there are key differences between the two. While veneers are recommended for those with generally healthy teeth, a crown is often used to “cap” a tooth that has been damaged due to injury or decay. A crown covers the entirety of the affected tooth, while veneers only cover one side.

What Occurs During the Porcelain Veneers Procedure?

Getting a new porcelain veneer usually takes place over two dental visits. First, you’ll see the dentist for preparation, which involves creating a mold of your teeth and enamel removal, if necessary. After your final appliance arrives, you’ll return to our office for a fitting. The dentist will ensure the veneer is comfortable and the correct color.

How Long Should Quality Veneers Last?

A porcelain veneer is created using durable materials and can last for multiple decades when cared for properly. Practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding using your teeth to open bags or bottles can help your porcelain teeth stay in great shape for longer.

What Are Lumineers®?

Made with ultra-thin, lightweight layers of porcelain, Lumineers are a specific type of porcelain veneers that require little to no reduction in the natural enamel. Give our office a call to discover the benefits of Lumineers and find out whether they are right for you.

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